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Tribal Tattoos for Men

The best tattoo artist in south Delhi creates unique and attractive tattoos. The permanent and temporary tattoos help clients reflect their attitude and flaunt their personal style with tattoo creation. The Tattoo Artist in South Delhi has more than a decade of experience in the domain. He has worked with leading studios and artists in the town before starting his own venture. We have a unique expertise in Tribal Tattoo designs.

About Tribal Tattoos

The services of the Tribal Tattoos for men enable every man, from any age group to get the best tattoos that are in tune with their personal and professional life. Each tattoo is as unique as the personality of the client since no two personalities are alike; no tattoos are created the same by the tattoo artist.

What is a Tribal Tattoo?

Tribal tattoos are based on ancient tribal art. The tribal tattoo creation was, and in some tribal societies, it is a ritual that is part of their daily personal and social life. All modern tribal tattoos are based on the ancient designs of the tribal society in different parts of the world. The origin sources are Borneo, Aztec culture, Maori, the aboriginal people of New Zealand, designs from tribal societies of Samoa, Polynesia in south pacific and Hawaii in western Pacific.

Nearer home, designs are derived from tribal traditions in various parts of the country, Andaman and Nicobar islands, etc. each of these tribal cultures has own special techniques and special designs. The artist incorporates various features to create a unique tribal tattoo for clients.

Most of the tribal tattoos are in solid black, some on the demand of the client; the artist creating Tribal Tattoos for men incorporates colors and various shades in the designs.

Why Choose a Tribal Tattoo?

Tribal tattoos are a popular category of tattoos for men of all ages. The tribal tattoo is simple and mostly is created in black. They remain in the same shape for a longer period of time. But are difficult to remove and cover, especially the ones that have thicker lines and larger designs.

Major types of tribal tattoos

« Borneo: This is the most popular form of tribal tattooing; it has bold black lines and simple coloring. But these are less prone to fading and blurring compared to other styles.

« Hawaiian: these are affected by their surroundings, which is sea and seashore. The most common images are flowers, palm trees, sun, stars, waves, etc. These are also in black.

« Maori: the style emerged from the aboriginal people of New Zealand. The original tattoo used o narrates the personal family history, achievement, and skill of the bearer.

Both permanent and temporary tribal tattoos are created by our expert Tattoo Artist. The tattoo training is also offered to any interested candidate with no prior knowledge.