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Tattoo Studio in South Delhi

Tattoos are modified and creative art popular among the young generation. As it involves the skin of the individual, the assistance of professionals is necessary for the best experience. OZ tattoos are the one-stop destination for tattoo enthusiasts as well as one unfamiliar with the art. The comprehensive guidance of the experienced artists of the best Tribal Tattoos, allows the customers to get the perfect design matching their preferences and style. We give priority to hygiene and therefore only use FDA approved ink for the creation along with modern tools. What separates us from others is our dedication and professional approach to win the heart of the customers by quality work.

There are parts in our body that offers less pain and are perfect for getting a tattoo. Let us look at them:

« Shoulders - The most common and exposed part of the body are shoulders. They have thick skin that makes the process a bit less painful for the customers.
« Forearms - It is the perfect place for the customers going for mid-size tattoos. The area with fewer nerve endings reduces the chances of pain.
« Upper/ lower back - It is a wide area and works as a canvas for tattoo creation. Customers looking for big tattoos can choose the back area.
« Calf - The calf areas are best for the first timers due to the less pain it offers. With no nerve endings and more fat, the calf is perfect for the one with no experience in getting a tattoo.
« Upper/outer thigh - The excessive fat in the area allows the customers to experience less pain in the creation.

WHAT do we provide?

« Permanent Tattoo
« Temporary Tattoo
« Free Tattoo Consultation
« Tattoo Training

Apart from the guidance and quality tattoo, the studio offers a cool and relaxing ambiance for the customer and helps them get relief from the pain. The Tattoo studio in south Delhi adheres to the hygiene parameters to ensure great designs with no harm to the skin. We use single-use disposable tools and sterile equipment for the tattoo creation for 100 percent customer satisfaction. The professionals take intense care of the customers and use only branded product and the latest tools for tattoo creation to avoid any infection or allergy to the skin. Customers can also request the artist to render the tattoo creation at home for their comfort. As the best tattoo studio in south Delhi, the artists at OZ Tattoos render the aftercare tips and tricks to the customer to ensure comprehensive assistance at every step.